Chrome (Chromium) Carbide hardfacing Sheffield

CTW [Hardfacing] Ltd, based in Sheffield, provide chrome (chromium) carbide hardfacing services to companies in the UK and abroad

Chrome carbide Hardfacing is a process by which a coating of chrome carbide is applied to the surface of components. Chrome carbide Hardfacing forms a metallic bond with the substrate and is resistant to impact and abrasion. The Hardfacing material can be applied by different processes including metal spraying or weld depositing.

Chrome carbide is available in a wide range of hardness levels. Hardness levels are dictated by the alloying of chrome carbide in the weld material used in the Hardfacing process.

Chrome carbide Hardfacing deposits are a cost effective solution to solving wear problems. Chrome carbide Hardfacing is much more impact etc.. This form of Hardfacing also offers excellent resistance to corrosion in the same way that Tungsten carbide does.

CTW Hardfacing based in Sheffield, provides a fast turnaround chrome carbide hardfacing service to companies in the UK. CTW offer chrome carbide hardfacing for most applications including:

  • Chute liners
  • Impact hammers
  • Fan impellers
  • Fan cowlings
  • Fan casings
  • Pulper rotors

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